Your holiday in Alaska offers you an abundance of wide open spaces, majestic mountains, pristine lakes and forests, teeming with indigenous wildlife and many quaint small towns.

This beautiful country located northwest of Canada; Alaska offers tourists an experience that is simply unmatched when it concerns activities, sightseeing and educational experiences.

Expansive nature reserve guided tours, picturesque scenic hiking trails and daily cruises offer you to explore this amazing country to enjoy everything to the fullest.

Alaska is perfect for the adventurous holiday makers offering outdoors activities in a wide array to choose from including white water rafting skiing, mountain biking and kayaking and tins more.

Where it concerns marine life dolphin and whale watching have awed many h a holiday maker and if you have a hankering for game fishing Alaska offers you something special in fishing charters.

Definitely the perfect holiday experience awaits and traveller that wants more than just a getaway!