The extremely popular holiday destination the ‘Amalfi Coast’ is a 50-kilometer stretch of coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s ‘Sorrentine Peninsula’ located, in the Campania region.

The breathtaking cliffs plunging directly into the sea offer panoramic breathtakingly beautiful scenery and for dining, island shopping and relaxing on the beach this is a first class holiday.

The ‘Amalfi’ coast in Italy is a popular honeymoon destination and during the summer months tourists pack the gorgeous beaches, swarm around sightseeing at the quaint fishing villages, and touring the stunning lemon groves and vintage wineries.

Guided tours at this wonderful holiday spot will help you enjoy the ‘Amalfi’ coast to the fullest and some must see places to visit definitely include the spectacular ‘Duomo di Salerno’ cathedral and the ‘Valle Delle Ferriere’ a beautiful cascading waterfall in luscious natural surroundings.

Multiple tours are available to see the best ‘Amalfi’ coast has to offer and you will love every day that you visit this delightful Italian island.